End of Term Lease Loyalty

Program Offer

PFS will waive up to the specified number of remaining monthly payments for select existing lease customers who return their vehicle that is currently leased with PFS and lease or finance a New MY16/17 Porsche model vehicle through a PFS lease agreement or PFS finance contract as set forth below.



Term (months)Model YearModelPayments WaivedMax. Payment
24 and aboveMY13Mid-Engine, 911, & CayenneUp to 12$2,500
24 and aboveMY13PanameraUp to 6$2,500
24 and aboveMY14Mid-Engine, 911, & CayenneUp to 12$2,500
24 and aboveMY14PanameraUp to 6$2,500
24 and aboveMY15Mid-Engine, 911, & CayenneUp to 12$2,500
24 and aboveMY15PanameraUp to 6$2,500
24 and aboveAll MYAll Models (including Macan)Up to 3$2,500

*Available when leasing or financing any model year New or PACPO Porsche through PFS

  1. Contracted term on existing PFS lease agreement must be 24 months or above to be eligible for the program.
  3. Single Pay Lease Agreements are not eligible.
  5. Customers whose payments are greater than $2,500 (net of use tax) are eligible to receive the $2,500 maximum. Payment amounts above the maximum must be paid including any applicable use tax on the amount paid.
  7. Only one EOTLLP offer per eligible PFS account.
  9. Vehicles must meet the standard PFS vehicle eligibility requirements of the PFS Lease/Retail Finance Program as applicable and/or the specific vehicle eligibility requirements of the finance or lease program utilized.

PLEASE NOTE: The program is only applicable for scheduled payments on the existing lease agreement due on or after the new PFS contract date. Past due payments are ineligible to receive a waiver and must be paid per the existing PFS contract obligation. If no payments are due, the PFS EOTLLP is not applicable.

Customer Account Eligibility

Maturing New, Certified Pre-owned and Pre-owned lease customers with a term of 24 months or above are eligible. Single Pay Lease customers are not eligible.

The customer must successfully execute a PFS lease agreement or PFS finance contract to replace their existing contract concurrent with the return of the existing vehicle.

Customer Requirements

Customer is responsible for satisfaction of all terms/conditions of the existing PFS lease agreement (excess mileage, excess wear and use, late charges, past due or non-waived (by the program) monthly payments and any other fees/charges owed under the contract). The customer must return their existing vehicle at the time of execution of their new PFS contract. If not already completed, a final inspection of the vehicle will be conducted to assess any excess charges as applicable.

Note: EOTLLP vehicles are not considered trade-ins; all end of term charges still apply.

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