Porsche Boxster/Cayman Moves onto the Final Round in Two 'World Car of the Year' Categories

If you've ever visited the Bert Smith Porsche showroom at 3800 34th Street North in St. Petersburg, FL, you've likely heard us talk about the legenedary quality of models like the Boxster and Cayman. And while you'd expect a new Porsche dealership to lavish these two models with such praise, we're not the only ones doing so.

To be more specific, these two performance-driven vehicles have moved onto the final rounds in two segments of the World Car of the Year awards. Aside from being nominated in the overall category, the Boxster and Cayman are also in the running for the more focused World Performance Car category.

This is fantastic news to hear, but we also know it's important to know which cars these two models are up against. For the overall title of World Car of the Year, the Porsche Boxster and Cayman are competing with entries from the Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and VW. Meanwhile, in the World Performance Car segment, Porsche is racing to the finish line against offerings from Ferrari and Toyota.

So how does Porsche stack up in each category?

The overall World Car of the Year award is a tossup. Vehicles for this award are judged on a wide range of criteria, and even the judges admit that finding  a vehicle that represents the best blend of them all is a daunting task.

As for World Performance Car: vehicles within this segment are judged on a specific set of criteria - a set that we might add is something of a specialty for Porsche. Our of the last eight years, Porsche has been featured in the World Performance Car segment seven times. And last year, the 911 was named the winner.

If you're interested in seeing if Porsche can win again, then be sure to stay tuned to our Porsche blog. The moment we hear the winners announced, we'll let you know if the Porsche Cayman or Boxster are among them.

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