Camouflaged 2014 Porsche Macan Creates Some Interesting Questions

Question: What is codenamed "The Cajun," may contain a hybrid turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder gas / electric motor and is made by Porsche. Yes, you guessed it, the 2014 Porsche Macan. The German automaker is readying for a full release of this smaller sibling to the Porsche Cayenne, but recently spied photos seem to only create more questions than provide answers.

Well, if we don't have the answers right now, what are some of relevant questions? First off, there's a question of base platform. These spy shots reveal a small crossover that looks very similar, at a glance, to the Porsche Cayenne. Yet, further inspection exposes a vehicle covered in a Cayenne camouflage shell. Need proof? The Macan sports a radically different roof line than the larger Cayenne. So will the Macan be based on the Audi Q5, or take an alternate tact?

Secondly, we ask about the powertrain. As proposed in the opening query, Porsche is insisting the Macan will be mated with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four cylinder pumping 237 HP, but also has the option of a 288-HP V-6. Then there's the real question: Will a hybrid system like the Q5's be a 3rd option, and some speculate that the Macan is out in the wild early to test this hybrid powertrain system.

Finally, because Porsche had made an assertion about releasing a two-door coupe model of the Macan two years before a four-door version would be available. Yet, as the spy pictures show crystal clear, the Macan on the road today is a four-door. Has Porsche decided to release both a coupe and four-door in the same time period?

So much pondering has left everyone here atBert Smith Porsche eagerly awaiting further notice from Germany. Until then, you'll simply have to stay tuned to our blog to find out. Everyone here at 3800 34th Street North St. Petersburg, Florida is dedicated to keeping you informed.

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