Porsche Panamera to Get Shooting Brake Edition

Everyone here at Bert Smith Porsche enjoys staying up to date on the latest automotive trends and sharing our findings with drivers in the greater Saint Petersburg and Tampa region on our blog. One item of intrigue that has been garnering greater press lately is the shooting brake concept. The shooting brake is a wagon-esque style which preserves high levels of luxury while simultaneously enabling seating of passengers in the rear of the vehicle. The jump in consumer interest has led Porsche to consider bequeathing the Porsche Panamera with a shooting brake variant.

Though the Porsche Panamera currently available to drivers on our Saint Petersburg dealership's showroom offers ample room and cargo space, building a shooting brake edition of the luxury performance vehicle will up the level of versatility and overall practicality. Indeed, the shooting brake variation is proving an attractive option for many luxury car manufacturers out there. Porsche knows it can have a built in edge using the already popular Panamera platform.

2015 is the expected arrival date of the Porsche Panamera Shooting Brake along with the next edition of the sedan. News has also reached our ears about the automaker giving the Panamera a lighter frame, in an effort to drop curb weight by a good 330 lbs or so. In addition to these revisions, it's thought that the vehicle will receive the Modular Standard Platform by VW to give it a series of sports cars that also have more fuel efficient engines.

You can check back regularly as we will keep our eyes peeled for more information regarding the Porsche Panamera Shooting Brake and many other exciting announcements from Porsche.

While we wait for this exciting model to arrive, feel free to take a closer look at our current new Porsche models at our showroom, located at 3800 34th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida. We're always happy to discuss the latest in Porsche news and answer any questions you might have.

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